Taking care of the tasks you can’t do, don’t do or shouldn’t do!



Hi there and good to see you! First, I know why you’re here, you’re not busy, disorganized or overwhelmed….nope, you’re IN DEMAND! Perhaps you’re looking at your To Do list or all those little sticky notes and your eyes are glazing over.  Relax, I’m here to help fight procrastination!

Just a little about this Virtual Assistant so you know who you’re dealing with and how  I can help you.  A business owner who, while being a professional likes to keep things light and have fun.  Having an entrepreneurial spirit and realizing the idea of helping build the dreams and goals of someone else was not what I signed up for,  I left the corporate world in 2007 to pursue MY dreams and goals. With over 35 years of experience including; office administration, operations of  real estate offices, licensed personal real estate assistant, business development and Sales Executive along with being a successful Independent Consultant

As a Virtual Assistant and Independent Consultant, I enjoy helping business owners achieve their goals by working smarter instead of harder. I particularly enjoy working with independent consultants, “womenpreneurs”, and home or internet based business owners and real estate agents.

So let me ask you a few things, and see if I can get you excited to hear more!  Are you struggling in your business to handle the projects that keep you from doing the income producing activities that you’re good at, enjoy doing and need to focus on  in order to grow your business?  Ever find yourself wondering if only you could find experienced, consistent and caring support?  And lastly, if you had more free time what would you be doing instead of working? Ok so excited to hear more?

Well relax and breathe because help is here for YOU!

Curious about what Virtual Office Support or a Virtual Assistant Is?

A virtual assistant (VA) is an independent entrepreneur providing a variety of rapidly expanding niche services in quite a broad range of categories.  These categories include administrative, creative, technical, real estate, travel, personal, internet marketing, blogging, social media, event planning and even project management just to name a few. They work with multiple clients in various fields.  Using advanced technological modes of communication, a professional VA is able to assist clients in her/his area of expertise from their own office on a contractual basis.

Virtual assistants help business owners earn more money by freeing up their time and allowing them to get on with the business of business.

Whats the difference between a Virtual Assistant and a temporary secretary or project consultant?

A virtual assistant is a partner, not an employee.  A true VA provides their clients with much more than completed tasks.  They consider the whole picture of their clients businesses, helping to move their clients growth and success to the next level, this builds a collaborative working relationship.

Small business owners who hire a VA are only paying for the services that are needed.  All  other associated costs such as office equipment, office space, employee insurance, vacation pay, job training and so on is not needed.